About Us

The VidVersity Academy is a place where you can develop skills and learning with video.

Natalie Wieland - Founder and Chief of Product
Simon Quirk — Founder & CEO.

Our Story

VidVersity Academy was founded by Natalie Wieland and Simon Quirk. As founders of VidVersit we realised there was a burning need to make it easy for professional educators to sell their online content.

So we created the VidVersity Academy a pace to deliver exceptional content using interactive video.


Meet Our Lead Instructors

Our instructors are the key to our success.

Melanie Haydon

Throughout my 20+ years consulting to organisations on the “human side” of business, I have worked across a broad range of sectors and environments from small family start ups to large international enterprises. I partner with organisations and individuals to identify and develop effective communication and collaboration skills for leaders, teams and specialists. This is done through working directly with clients or partnering with other companies that share the same passion. 

Mietta Gibson

Mietta Gibson is an associate consultant with a background in HR and Organisational Development with a particular passion for working with individuals and teams to create an engaged and high performing workforce.She has worked and consulted with a variety of clients and industries including MYOB, World Vision, Fiat Chrysler and Daimler. The one thing in common between all industries is people and Mietta can work with you to unlock the potential within your individual talent and teams. 

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