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Course Description – Resilience in the workplace

Melanie Haydon and Mietta Gibson have been providing consulting services to organisations on a variety of areas including resilience.

In this video they provide practical advice on how to be more resilient in the workplace,

Key concepts covered include:

  • Why is resilience important in the workplace
  • How you can work on resilience
  • Practical strategies you can do at work and at a home

About Melanie
Throughout my 20+ years consulting to organisations on the “human side” of business, I have worked across a broad range of sectors and environments from small family start ups to large international enterprises. This has allowed me to refine my expertise in assessing, coaching, facilitating and presenting to individuals and organisations. When I was young I wanted to be a few things when I grew up – nurse, teacher, detective and movie star. My motivation was I wanted to help others, share knowledge, discover and perform! Now my work allows me to do all of these things! I partner with organisations and individuals to identify and develop effective communication and collaboration skills for leaders, teams and specialists. This is done through working directly with clients or partnering with other companies that share the same passion.