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MBA in a Day – Single module 1 Profile of the profession

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Course Description

Your law school training and your on-going CPD has been focused on making you a better
lawyer. To succeed now and into the future you need to be a great lawyer as well as a great
leader and manager. As your career progresses, you’ll be asked to play a more active role in
running the practice and to make a more significant contribution to organisational decisions.
This course is Step 1 in your learning about law firm leadership and management. It covers
all the basics of what you need to know. It will also identify what you don’t know and point
you in the right direction.

It’s aimed to be relevant for junior partners, associates, lawyers, graduates, secretarial and
support staff. All suppliers and those new to legal will also find it really useful.
The course has been created and is presented by Joel Barolsky. Joel is one of Australia’s
leading strategy advisers to law and accounting firms. He is a Senior Fellow of the University
of Melbourne and a monthly contributor to the AFR Legal Affairs section. Joel’s consulting
practice including advising over 100 of Australia’s, New Zealand’s and Asia’s top law firms.
There is frankly no one better placed to present this program.

Key concepts covered include:

The course is presented in 16 learning modules covering these four broad areas:
I. The legal environment and firm strategy
II. Winning work and building a successful practice
III. Understanding firm culture and leadership
IV. Operating more efficiently and effectively

Course pricing
$89 (inc. GST) for a single module 
$499 (inc. GST) for the entire 16-module course ( you can find a link to the full package in the courses page)

Enterprise pricing available upon request

This module covers:

  1. Profession size and demographics
  2. The legal supply chain
  3. The nature of legal service
  4. Lawyer personality profile

How this course works

  • Modules are access in 4 or 5 bite-sized chunks each around 10 minutes
  • The material is presented by Joel Barolsky in videos with narration
  • PPTX slides are available for reference
Presentation style
  • Relevant concepts and frameworks backed-up by research and evidence
  • Numerous case studies and war stories
  • Practical tips, tools and advice
  • Jargon light