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All the videos are broken up into meaningful chapters so the learner chooses what you view.


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All our presenters are experts in their field and regularly update the content.

Our Most Single Courses

Below is a list of our most single courses and we have so many more to choose from.

  • Legal Profession
    $89.00 Incl GST

    MBA in a day- Module 1 Profile of the profession


    This course is Step 1 in your learning about law firm leadership and management.  If you wish to complete the entire MBA in a day you can buy the complete package from the catalogue as one purchase.

    This module covers:

    1.1 Profession size and demographics

    1.2 The legal supply chain

    1.3 The nature of legal services

    1.4 Lawyer personality profile

    1.5 Lawyer mental health

    How this course works

    • Modules are accessed in 4 or 5 bite-size chunks or chapters
    • The material is presented in videos with slides and narration
    • PPTX slides are available for reference

    Presentation style

    • Relevant concepts and frameworks
      backed-up by research evidence
    • Numerous case studies and war stories
    • Practical tips, tools and advice
    • Jargon light
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Our Most Package Courses

Below is a list of our most package courses and we have so many more to choose from.

Our Most Group Courses

Below is a list of our most group courses and we have so many more to choose from.

What Our Students Have to Say

"I love how the videos are presented by experts in their field. I always learn so much"
Jessica Ford
Sydney, Australia
"I like that I don't have to watch all of the video to find the parts interesting to me. I can use the chapters to navigate the place in the video I would like to see".
Matt Bracken
Melbourne, Australia

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