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Our Most Popular Courses

Below is a list of our most popular courses and we have so many more to choose from.

The Mentor Spot

This program will help you realise your potential as a Mentor. It’s the perfect tool to upskill when mentoring for the first time or to refresh your skills when revisiting the mentor role.

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Powerful presentations

Powerful presentations and presence

Presentation skills is no longer the soft skill in business. In fact given the urgency to reset how we communicate across cultures, countries and countless mediums, it is now the most valuable skill we can have in business. A presenter who has strong presence and authenticity will keep connected to their clients and ensure they can engage with meaning and purpose.

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Legal Profession

MBA in a Day – Single module 1 Profile of the profession

This module covers: 1.1 Profession size and demographics 1.2 The legal supply chain 1.3 The nature of legal services 1.4 Lawyer personality profile 1.5 Lawyer mental health

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Legal Research Bootcamp

Legal Resource Bootcamp is a critical skill to have both at work and home. This course looks at how to develop and strengthen bootcamp in the workplace.

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What Our Students Have to Say

"I love how the videos are presented by experts in their field. I always learn so much"
Jessica Ford
Sydney, Australia
"I just completed your Legal Research Bootcamp online course to check in on research skills and wanted to thank you for providing me with a very enjoyable hour this Sunday afternoon in lockdown Melbourne. Enjoyed the frank and succinct explanations and practical hints. Will look out for future presentations from you!"
Mette Aiken-Petersen, October 2020
Ethics Lawyers, Melbourne, Australia

We are so excited to launch our VidVersity Academy

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