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  • Legal Profession
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    MBA in a day- Module 1 Profile of the profession


    This course is Step 1 in your learning about law firm leadership and management.  If you wish to complete the entire MBA in a day you can buy the complete package from the catalogue as one purchase.

    This module covers:

    1.1 Profession size and demographics

    1.2 The legal supply chain

    1.3 The nature of legal services

    1.4 Lawyer personality profile

    1.5 Lawyer mental health

    How this course works

    • Modules are accessed in 4 or 5 bite-size chunks or chapters
    • The material is presented in videos with slides and narration
    • PPTX slides are available for reference

    Presentation style

    • Relevant concepts and frameworks
      backed-up by research evidence
    • Numerous case studies and war stories
    • Practical tips, tools and advice
    • Jargon light
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